Nikola Donev – Promoting and Organizing (of protests, fests & seminars); Policy;  PR ; Advertisement; Scenario; Directing; Scenography; Graphic Design; Open letters; Administration; Website Support.
Daniel Mladenov  – Register and Organizing of events (info actions and so on); Transport (spedition and logistics); Hardware maintenance (charging of devices with batteries & etc.)
Petko Petkov – Promoting and Organizing (of protests, fests, seminars, info actions); Graphic Design.
Venelina Boneva – Register and Organizing of events (info actions and so on).
Yavor Karapetrov – Organizing of protests; Driving; Writing and speaking speeches; Open letters.
Miroslav Manahilov – Transport (spedition and logistics).
Annalina Assja SolemoTranslation in Spanish, English and German; English redaction.
Ekaterina Stoyanova – Dissemination of events.
Gordana Krsteva – Cameraman; Video Processing; Video Montage; Photography; Redaction; Translations from Macedonian; Bosnian; Montenegrin; Serbian and Croatian.
Diana Koleva – Graphic design.
Petya Popova – Nutritionist & Dietetics.
Kristina Petrova – Redaction; Translations from English, German and Russian.
Helen Simpson – Redaction; Translations from English and German.
Donna Markova – Redaction; Translations from English and German.
Petko PolitovEcology; Nutritionology; Lawyer; Legal advice.
Tsvetelina Georgieva – Lawyer; Legal advice; Photography.
Victoria Veganova – Redaction; Translations from English(us), Spanish, Chinese, and German.
Sofia Angelova – Redaction; Translations from English.
Margatita Rafailova – Stylistics.
Arabo – Graphic Design.
Martin Nikolov – Translation and Redaction from English.
Jean-Bernard – PHP Development.
Sarra L’kassmi – Redaction; Translations from Arabic, French, Spanish.
Sophia Agnandolupu – Translation and redaction from Greek.
Alex Moki  – Translation and redaction from Greek.
Alicia Pereira Lacomba (LinkedIN) –  Translation and redaction from Spanish.
Elina Yakovleva – Redaction; Translations from Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, Spanish.
Beatrisa Avdalyan – Translation and redaction from Armenian.
Nevena Dahlqvist – Translation and redaction from Finnish.
Vilma Atanasova – Translation and redaction from Czech.
Emily Nesheva – Translation from English and French.
Snezhana Petkovic – Translation and redaction from Serbian.
Yordanka Yanusheva – PR consultations.
Boris Georgiev – Chemistry.
Csapó István – Translation and redaction from Hungarian.
Iva Dimitrova – Translations from English.
Liz van der Rohe – Redaction; Translations from Spanish.
Hatairat Chansutham – Translation and redaction from Thai.
Nikola Vladimirov – Grammar (Bulgarian grammatical redaction).
Mia Nikolova – Grammar (Bulgarian grammatical redaction).

Everyone with the necessary qualities, that wants to take a lasting engagement is welcome in our team 🙂