We walk this Earth with fire in our hands. With fire in our eyes. We live to fight for justice. We are making a revolution, we are writing history. We are a union of vegan abolitionists.

We share a common system of convictions and live by the ethic that all innocent life is sacred and must have the right to live out its natural state of existence in peace, without interference. This single ethic ensures that all life, from a baby, or a grown human (black, white, male or female), to an animal, or it’s habitat, is guaranteed equal rights, with liberty for all, regardless of someone’s personal bias against them. Under the principles of BVU, all shall be permitted to do as they please as long as their actions do not harm, in any way, the rights of others. Any action that does interfere with such rights shall not be considered a “right” itself, and therefore shall not be tolerated. Those who hurt or destroy life around them, or create a situation in which that life or the quality of it is threatened shall from then on no longer be considered innocent, and in turn will no long have rights.

We fight for all innocent victims. We fight with countless injustices. Fight! – Fighting for freedom. United we stand. We are a legion. The voice of the voiceless. This is a revolution. We are the enemy of the slavery system. We are crushing the hypocrisy. Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno. One for all – All for one. We are strong – We are one. „Bulgarian Vegan Union“. A hot fever burns in our hearts, In our veins. Your blood, Our blood. All blood runs the same. Take a look at the reality. Open your eyes and minds. Nothing is ok in this world. We all have to fight for justice and freedom! Fists up! Raised fist, fists up!

Vegan = Justice NOT Compassion.