Why Vegan?

MeatMeat is murder. (Animals are forcefully killed against their will.)
VegetarianismBecause it’s not enough. (Countless animals are killed because of milk, eggs, leather, fur, wool, silk or honey…)
Fur & LeatherFur & Leather are death. (Animals are skinned alive or put into gas chambers.)
SilkSilk is death. (Silkworms are boiled while still alive.)
Dairy productsDairy is rape. (Killing of male baby calves and cows exhausted from exploitation.)
EggsEggs are thievery. (plus enslavement, killing of male chicks and hens that have stopped laying eggs.)
WoolWool is exploitation, thievery and cruelty. (Animals develop infections and die.)
Down and FeathersRelentless cruelty. (Goose down is pulled while animals are still conscious without any anesthetic.)
Honey productsHoney products are murder. (Crushing bees in the making of honey. Queen Bees are raped during artificial insemination.)
Animal experimentsDeath and torture. (Animals are infected with diseases or are injected with toxic substances.)
Riding Riding is deformation, exploitation and enslavement. (It deforms and causes long-lasting physical damages to the horse’s and camel’s spines. Elephants are trained in exceptional torture.)
Dog sleddingCruel exploitation of dogs. (Sled towing and frozen animals – winter sports with dogs.)
CircusThe circus is enslavement. (Animals are kept like slaves their whole life and are trained by trainers in an exceptionally cruel way.)
ZoosPrison for innocent animals. (Animals are kept in narrow cages or small spaces in an unnatural environment. Sentenced to imprisonment without any guilt.)
Guide dogsthey go under an exceptionally cruel and torturous training.
Police dogs They are given drugs so they can nose them.
BullfightingBrutal murder. (Bulls are pierced with spears to death as an entertainment for the audience.)
RodeoCruel torture. (Mutilation of horses, bulls and other animals for the audience’s entertainment.)
Pet foodFood for dogs and cats with animal ingredients. (It is made with male chicks and female ducklings, especially the cat’s food.)
Animal fightsDeath fight. (Dogs, roosters and other animals fight to death for the audience’s entertainment.)
Hunting Murder for entertainment. (Legally permitted and entirely legal murder of innocent animals with the purpose of entertainment.)

Because any innocent being has right of life and freedom.