An ambitious project for formation of a political party. If we want to impact society chanching the system, we inevitably have to root in the institutions and every form of governmental power.

On 3rd May 2011 Animal Justice Party was approved by the Australian Electoral Commission. AJP is strongly against the export of alive animals for profit, especially for slaughter. They want an international ban of all the Livestock breeding in the whole world. “We want the export of alive animals from Australia to end as soon as possible, keeping in mind all domestic problems with the humane treatment of animals.”, says Steve Garlick, president of AJP.

Humane Party – founded in 2009 in USA, veganism is strongly highlighted in its ideology. The party demands from all the candidates, officers and all board members to sign an oath to restrain themselves from the use of animal products and services.

Animal Protection Party of Canada – founded in Toronto, Canada, in 2005, focused on animal rights and the environment. A totally vegan party.