Regularly every Saturday and Sunday in Sofia City at the pedestrian part of Vitosha Boulevard (usually #33), you are welcome to our actions from 15:00 till 20:00 as a part of our street activism. The events are legally registered in Sofia Municipality and are guarded by the police. All kinds of materials are provided – posters, megaphones, informational leaflets, stickers, huge monitors (32″, 34″ and 43″), sound equipment, requisite from donated stuffed animals, anonymous masks, etc. In case you still want to help with something, you can bring a laptop with you. We can transfer with a flash drive documentaries with which we inform society.

From Monday to Friday our activists regularly hold lectures and show documentaries about veganism. This happens in our office and a few times a month we have seminars, where different vegans (mothers, fathers and kids) share their experience in different subjects. Usually the events are posted on our Facebook page.