Bulgarian Vegan Union is a non-governmental organization, whose purpose is to spread the veganism as an abolitionist movement. We are an organization of vegan activists, expressing a personal position towards the sell and and consumption of animals. We strongly and openly declare that “Meat is murder!” and any other animal products are exploitation and enslavement of animals. Our voice is the voice of the corpses in the plates, the corpses in the fridges, the corpses in the slaughterhouses, the corpses in the backyard of our grandparents’ house in the country, the corpses that are hanged in the supermarket or in the local butcher shop. Corpses can’t speak, but we can. Become a part of our union. Lets all together be the voice of animals.

Because MEAT IS MURDER!!! And this shoudn’t be a taboo anymore. We don’t accept to avert our gaze. We don’t accept to close our eyes. We don’t accept silence while we must yell! We don’t accept cruelty to innocent beings. We don’t accept innocent living beings to be killed. We don’t accept tacit agreement. We don’t accept to stay indifferent to the things that happen. We don’t accept the passivity of those who can do something. We don’t accept and We don’t accept!