8th May 2016 and activists from over 15 countries. This is when vegan protests in Bulgaria first took place. Their initiator was Nikola Donev and a number of further BVU members also took part. All these protests were part of a more global plan which was to find suitable activists in order to create a vegan NGO. Association “Bulgarian Vegan Union” started initially as a project by Nikola Donev. On 26th November 2016 Bulgarian Vegan Union was first mentioned in the media on Bulgarian National Television. Half a year after the beginning of the protests, in search of the right activists and a number of meetings between us, was selected a composition of seven founders which underwent a change twice since then. About one month long was the documentation process for the entry into Sofia Court House – application, statute, selection of a managers, members of the management board, policy and goals.

History of BVU
On January 19, 2017 was held a constituent meeting of the association BULGARIAN VEGAN UNION in Sofia attended by: Nikola Donev, Yavor Karapetrov, Vladislav Ivanov, Gordana Krsteva, Veronika Valkanova, Emily Nesheva and Sofia Angelova.
On January 24, 2017 the name “Bulgarian Vegan Union” is abbreviated both in Bulgarian and English and all documents in the Sofia Court House are filed for the registration of a public benefit association.
On February 1, 2017 the association is officially registered at the Sofia Court House.
On February 13, 2017 in the Bulstat Register (the Registry Agency)
On March 1, 2017 in the Central Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities
On June 15, 2017 SANS (The State Agency for National Security) approves the Internal Rules of the LMML and the LMFT adopted by the аssociation.
On July 2, 2018 a re-registration has been made at the Registry Agency with a UIC.

Key moments
On July 30, 2017 in Serdika metro station is placed the first VEGAN metroboard in the history of Bulgaria.
On August 11, 2017 the Bulgarian Vegan Union opens an office in order to hold lectures and seminars.
On August 28, 2017 in BTA is held the first press conference to inform the society about the activities, future projects and goals of BVU. Amongst the audience there were vegan children, vegan baby, vegan mothers and vegan bodybuilder.
On October 25, 2017 due to an invitation of MAF Bulgarian Vegan Union took part in Round Table on issues related to the cultivation of the American mink for fur.
On November 11, 2017 on Alexander Malinov Blvd. was placed the first VEGAN MEGABORD in the history of Bulgaria.

Until now, we have conducted over 200 animal rights campaigns. We are trying to be the voice of animals in both street activities and national media. And we continue…