Here you will find a list with our main projects.

– Constructing a building of BVU.
– Constructing EcoVegan neighborhoods in and out of the country. After, the needed finance, we will start a project about the construction of the first EcoVegan neighborhood. At the moment, we have decided this to be somewhere in West part of Sofia, behind the ring of city . We will arrange architects, geodesists, builders and all the needed specalists, for the constructing of one аmbitious project, which is expected to be the most attractive neighborhood for living in Europe. The project is still in pre-investment stage and from now on we’ll be looking for investors.
– Constructing EcoVegan settlements by the model of the legendary “Proslav” (now a quarter in Plovdiv city), built by “Bulgarian Vegеtarian Union”. For more info @google -> “Вегетарианският квартал на Пловдив”
– Political party – A politicial party, which is to protect the interests of vegans, animals and the planet. This will include a lot of ecological and social interests.
– Inform the people! – A campaign, which we have started a while ago and continued its development. Setting up vegan billboards all around the country and showing videos, with what is happening to the animals. Like a lot of other methods of information. The society must be informed by all means about the cruelty and the injustice against animals.