Our main cause is equality of rights between all species of animals. We, all animals, own a nervous system, with which we can feel and think. We all have an equal right to life and freedom. Enslavement of non-human animals must stop immediately and they should be given equal rights to humans. Murdering non-human animals should instantly be criminalized and treated as murdering a human. We declare our position clearly and strongly. All ridiculous speculations, such as killing parasites, we find utterly untenable and offensive. If legislation treats murdering animals the same way it does murdering humans, each violation from an animal towards a human is considered an offence, and as such a possible murder is considered self-defense. As regards agricultural farmlands, there may be applied the law on private property, where each owner can use their right to keep away each violator with all means necessary. We hope our society is mature enough to reject cruelty.

Let’s defeat the speciesism together!